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Spotlight :: Black History Month


Featuring Artist Salaam Muhammad

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by Black Americans and a time for recognizing their central role in U.S. history. The theme for Black History Month 2023 is “Black Resistance,” examines how “African Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression, in all forms, especially the racial terrorism of lynching, racial pogroms and police killings,” since the earliest days in our nation.

Image Conscious recognizes the achievements of many Black artists in our community; in this Spotlight we are highlighting Salaam Muhammad. Salaam’s art is a celebration of people of color, painted in detail using oils and capturing the profound beauty of life through the combination of color, texture, and symbolism.

As a graduate of Rutgers Mason Gross Art Institute in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Salaam Muhammad got his start producing realism oil paintings as a freshman, and soon after created several pieces for various local businesses. Through his spirituality he discovered the power of art where he could creatively express themes of love, connection, and unity that resonate with everyone. His rising popularity sparked requests for creating art for popular galleries in New York, as well as speaking at various academic institutions.

Continuously striving to be a vessel for positive change and a visionary artist, his creations aim to depict a side of black life rarely seen in the mainstream.

Find the complete collection of Salaam Muhammad’s work and all of our Black voices in our Multicultural category.








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