Alternative Substrates

Substrates Make The Difference

After you’ve found the perfect image, match it to the perfect substrate.

Standard Paper: Our standard, semi-gloss paper looks great, mounts easily, and works in nearly every environment.

canvas (shown wrapped)
Canvas (shown wrapped)

Unstretched Canvas: Always a popular option, our low-gloss unstretched giclee canvas is a cost-effective winner. Our canvas comes standard with 2 ½” of mirrored border, plus another ½” of plain border for a total of 3”. If you need more border, plain border (for a gallery wrap), or colored edges, just let us know.

Cotton Rag: When you need a more sophisticated look, but still want to keep on budget, look no further than our beautiful cotton rag paper. These archival-quality reproductions offer deeply saturated colors and a refined matte finish.

Acrylic (with standoffs)

Acrylic: Our transparent acrylic substrate gives every image a fresh, modern, contemporary appearance. Your clients will love the clean, polished edges, and how their chosen artwork will literally “stand out” on the walls. Custom shapes are available, and images can be printed with a white backing, so that every color comes through (our standard), or without a backing for a fascinating, three-dimensional transparent appearance. When using stand-offs (sold separately), no security hardware is needed as the stand-offs can be attached directly to the wall.


Metal: Artwork printed on metal seem to compel the viewer to take a deeper look. It’s astounding how metal can give images a new, vibrant dimension – especially abstracts and painted landscapes. A layer of quality brushed aluminum is bonded to a non-warping substrate, and the image can either be printed directly onto the metal or first printed on a white backing. Edges can be left square or rounded. French cleats for hanging come standard, but backing frames can be added to both distance the image from the wall and to provide for security hardware.


Wood: Composed of sustainably grown and harvested bamboo, our wood substrate is naturally moisture- and mold-resistant. The natural blond surface of wood both “warms” the look of every image, while it unexpectedly showcases their colors in new and inviting ways. All edges are sanded and a “keyhole” is provided for hanging. (Other options available.)

Timing is Everything

We think print-on-demand and deadlines shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Most of our digital print, canvas, and cotton rag orders ship within 2-3 business days, and our standard FedEx 3-day shipping option is less expensive than either UPS or FedEx Ground. Of course volume orders and alternative substrates will take longer, but we’re always upfront about turnaround times and committed to helping you meet your project targets.

For more information and help with print-on-demand images, substrates, options, and pricing, please contact your account representative or give us a call at (800) 532-2333.