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Featured Artist: Paul Bailey

B2677D - Bailey, Paul - Suffolk Scots

With a studio in Wales, Paul Bailey is continually inspired by the farming landscape which surrounds his home: low rolling hills; intermittent woodland; ancient hedgerows; patch-work fields and vast skies. The semi-abstract nature of his work, the use of non-traditional techniques, bold compositions and a dynamic use of color help portray this seemingly prosaic landscape in a new, vivid and surprising way.

Our collection of Paul Bailey print-on-demand giclees includes Barcode Wood, a row of trees in the deep forest, and Seven Trees, a minimalist landscape with a row of golden trees.

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Featured Artist: Tracy Helgeson

Located in upstate New York, Tracy Helgeson is greatly inspired by the natural beauty surrounding the farmhouse in which she lives and works. It easily led her to paint local landscapes and more recently other farm-related imagery such as barns, fields and livestock. Tracy often paints the same scenes over and over, deriving great comfort from portraying the familiar as well as marking the small changes that occur over time in her environment.

“I strive for simplicity in my work; in color, form, composition, and subject matter. However, complexities inevitably find their way in via texture, handwritten elements and small bits of painted details.”

Our collection of Tracy Helgeson print-on-demand giclees includes Dark Corner, a quiet rendering of a rural country road, and Under a Blue Sky, a minimalist landscape with a jeweled blue sky.

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Spotlight: Art of Today

Art of Today: Simple, straight-forward and the truest definition of contemporary art. Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary society and the world around us. For Image Conscious contemporary art can be represented by this modern and decorative agate image Geode Art by Nancy Knight in deep indigo and sky blue. Michael Buxton delivers a different take altogether in clever cat story It’s What’s Inside that Counts.

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