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Spotlight :: Alternative Substrates


After you’ve found the perfect image, match it to the perfect substrate. Besides our standard paper, cotton rag and canvas substrates, we offer three alternative substrates: acrylic, bamboo and metal.

Acrylic: Our transparent acrylic substrate gives every image a fresh, modern, contemporary appearance. Your clients will love the clean, polished edges, and how their chosen artwork will literally “stand out” on the walls.

Metal: Artwork printed on metal seem to compel the viewer to take a deeper look. It’s astounding how metal can give images a new, vibrant dimension – especially abstracts and painted landscapes. A layer of quality brushed aluminum is bonded to a non-warping substrate, and the image can either be printed directly onto the metal or first printed on a white backing.

Wood: Composed of sustainably grown and harvested bamboo, our wood substrate is naturally moisture- and mold-resistant. The natural blond surface of wood both “warms” the look of every image, while it unexpectedly showcases their colors in new and inviting ways.

Contact your account representative today about our alternative substrate options.

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Featured Artist :: Iris Lehnhardt

A native of Germany, Iris Lehnhardt lives and works as a freelance painter with in-depth artistic studies at the Wiesbadener Freie Kunstschule and at the Academy of Contemporary Art on Lake Constance, among others.

Her images move in the field of tension between chromatic image surfaces, gestural painting and graphic elements. Silent color accents and shades are in dialogue with sensitive multiple layers and a variety of structures. In an open work process she explores the possibilities of assembling different materials and their dissolution.

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Surtex Show Coming Up!

D1088D - Davis, Jennifer - Shapeshifter

Our show walls are being designed and our collection is being curated as our licensing reps prepare for the upcoming Surtex show next month. We will be having a brand new assortment from Caroline Benchétrit whose whimsical ladies will charm and delight; plus playful and curious animals from recently signed artist Jennifer Davis.

What can we do for you? What kind of imagery are you looking for? Please reach out to us if there is something specific in subject or style that you’re looking for and be sure to visit our Licensing page for a list of artists who participate in our Licensing program. We have more images available than you see on our site, so please ask.

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SPOTLIGHT :: Animal Life

D997D - Davies Babies - Banyon Deer

Animals that act like humans or animals that act like animals…which one should we choose? DD McInnes brings us a fox who writes thoughtful compositions with Michael Drayton Writing Poly-Olbion. Or how about animals in a surreal world? Davies Babies offers the geometrical and astronomical Banyon Deer (see image above). Or how about animals doing what animals do? Kitty Throne from Lucia Heffernan might give too much information.

Contact your account representative today about our entire collection of Animal art and all of our new releases.

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Featured Artist :: Verne Varona

V681D - Varona, Verne - Solo Swim

Verne Varona held his first camera at 9-years old and never lost his passion for capturing exceptional images that provoke, inspire and illustrate a profound sensitivity to the visual world around him.

With basic formal instruction in photography, Verne’s real school of photography has come from the personal experience of over 25 years in still film and 12 years with digital.

He made the digital jump in 2006 and never looked back. Working with commercial, journalistic, fine art, book cover and portrait mediums throughout the world, Verne has developed a creative body of images that he calls “Aqua-Impressionism” — colorful images of unique water reflections from nature, architecture and people that evoke a timeless sense of the ethereal.

Umbrella Perspective is a reminder to us all to take a break and relax under a colorful umbrella while Boat Conference – Amalfi Coast draws the viewer into the deep jeweled waters of the Italian coastline.

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Spotlight :: Water

Leonardo da Vinci said that water is the driving force of all nature. When we browse our collection of art the images of water in so many forms stand out. Water is life and images of water in one’s home or office calms us down and takes us away for a brief moment. Meeting Point from The Incado Collection reveals the power of nature as water crashes against cliffs. And from the opposite end of the spectrum we have The Pier from Vladimir Kostka where the sea is silent and calm. Sarah Parson’s take on water is abstracted and ethereal in Water Garden – where the translucent quality of water uncovers subtle hints of life.

Contact your salesperson today about our entire collection of Coastal images and all of our new releases.

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New Release 2018-4

V679D - Varona, Verne - Hurricane Calm

Just in time for your Spring Break enjoyment, we have once again added many terrific new artworks to our site. The newly-released items are easy to find within our site; we also offer a downloadable PDF catalog to help with your art selections and assist with your own marketing.

Artists include
Jon Bertelli, GeoMania, Cassandra Gillens, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Incado, Mike Kelly, Suzanne McCourt, DD McInnes, Sam Nagel, Carolyn O’Neill, Michelle Oppenheimer, Kurt Peterson, PhotoINC Studio, Eunika Rogers, Eddie Soloway, CR Townsend, Verne Varona, and last but not least Jan Weiss.

Also newly-added are Museum classics by artists including Edgar Degas, Paul Gauguin, Suzuki Harunobu, Utagawa Hiroshima, Edward Penfield, Théophile-Alexandre Steinlen, and Vincent Van Gogh, as well as new distributed art from Jason Bullard and Chris Consani.

Find all of the New Release 2018-4 artworks on our web site:
Image Conscious New Release 2018-4 Art

View or download* the new PDF catalog here:
Image Conscious New Release 2018-4 PDF

You can always find all of the available PDF downloads on our Downloads page:

* Click to view the open the PDF; right-click (Macintosh: control-click) on the link to download the file.

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Invite Curious Conversation

Adios Amigos

With energetic color choices and darkly romantic figures Nicholas Ivins uses bold hues of Mexican culture to create art that offers curious conversation. Luna delights and beguiles and Muerta Bride is an alternative view of a traditional event. The spirited renderings by Jorge R. Gutierrez turn classic Hispanic imagery into stories like The Holy Trinity and Magic Japanese Cockfighting.

What can we do for you? What kind of imagery are you looking for? Please reach out to us if there is something specific in subject or style that you’re looking for and be sure to visit our Licensing page for a list of artists who participate in our Licensing program. We have more images available than you see on our site so please ask.


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Featured Artist: Karen Hale

H1271D - Hale, Karen - Ombre Blue

“Using the basic art elements of color, design and texture I create a vibrant and opulent canvas which both pleases and stimulates the art lover.  The absence of recognizable objective forms leads you on your own journey of discovery in each of my abstract paintings.” Karen Hale’s original contemporary artwork has been called dynamic, bold, explosive and exciting but they also involve subtle nuances of color and meaning that takes the viewer into the painting where they can make new and unexpected insights.

Hale constructs her paintings with layers of thick and thin color that is washed or glazed over textured surfaces using brushes, trowels, and found objects.  She uses acrylic paints and mediums and may add a variety of paper, chalk pastels, graphite and metallic leafing.  The results are a delight of color and texture.

Karen lives on five acres in the foothills of California with her husband, Tom.  She is an avid gardener and her land is filled with paths, sculptures, and exuberant flower beds.  Her sense of color and design are evident even in her gardens that like her paintings feel free and spontaneous but exude design and beauty.

Segments infuses jeweled tones and multiple layers – sharing hints of magenta and citron. Using subtle geometric shapes, Karen turns At The Source into magic with softer tones of blues, greens and organic earthly tones.

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Creating an Account and Using Collections

Create a New Account

From the homepage, click the “Log In!” button:

Under “Register”, enter your email address and then create a password. Your password needs to be at least 9 characters long and contain at least one number (0123456789) and one special character (like !@#$%^&”?):

Click the “Register” button and you’ll be taken to the “My Account” page. With your new account, you can log in from any computer or mobile device to view and edit your collections.

Create Your First Collection

From the menu bar at the top of the page, click “Collections.”

When you’re on the “Collections” page, click the “Create a New Collection” button:

On the next page, you can name your collection and add a description. By adding your name and email address (optional), you can collaborate on your new collection with your account representative. When finished, click the “Create Collection” button.

You’ve created your first collection!

Add Images to Your Collection

When viewing images throughout the website, look for the “Add to collection” plus signs:

When you click on “Add to collection,” you’ll see a list of your previously created collections, or you can click the button to create a new collection:

Add the image to a collection by clicking the collection name. You won’t be taken away from the page that you’re already on, so you can continue to add items without having to navigate back.

Manage Your Collection

From the menu bar, click “Collections.”

Beneath each collection name, you’ll see options to “Delete” or “Preview” your collection, or “Share with Friends” by email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. (Sharing options don’t appear if your collection is empty):

To manage a collection, click the collection name, or click “Manage this Collection.”

Near the top of the “Manage Collections” page you’ll see the URL address for your collection, which you can copy and send to your co-workers or clients. With this address, they’ll be able to view your collection, but not make changes to it:

Beneath the “Sharing” options, you’ll see the “Download” options. Select “CSV Data File” to download a comma-delimited spreadsheet file containing the related data for your collection, like artists, titles, and more. Select “Images” to download a zipped folder containing jpegs of your entire collection:

Choose “Settings” to rename your collection, change its description, or change its sharing options by adding or removing your name and email address.

To make changes to the images in your collection, click the checkbox next to every image you would like to affect, then use the “Actions”pulldown menu to remove the images from the collection, move them to another collection, or create a new collection containing the selected images. Click “Apply Action” to complete your changes:

You can also delete an image from your collection by clicking its red “Delete” button:

That’s It!

For more help with using our website, please contact your account representative or give us a call at (800) 532-2333.