About Us

Now in our 40th year, Image Conscious is a San Francisco-based art publisher and distributor of open-edition fine art prints, posters, and canvas. One of the largest wholesale art suppliers worldwide, we sell exclusively to retailers, art consultants, interior designers, frame and poster shops, specialty shops, OEMs, and wholesale framers.

Comprising the work of some of the world’s finest contemporary artists and photographers, our line of Image Conscious Publications offers a curated selection of high quality, original images that can greatly enhance your product line or projects. For the retailer, our combination of contemporary fine art imagery mixed with our extensive selection of fun novelty images and top selling posters, makes for an irresistible product mix.

Those in the design and consulting markets rely on Image Conscious for both great imagery and the flexibility that digital printing has brought to their industries. Most images in our line can be resized and manipulated as needed, and then printed on paper, unstretched canvas, cotton rag paper, or onto alternative substrates such as acrylic, metal, wood, and MDF plaque.

Alongside our comprehensive website, with “Collections” features that make it easy to group and distribute our images, we also offer printed catalogues as well as jpeg/data packages for those maintaining their own websites and databases.

If you’re working on products outside the area of wall décor, please contact us for licensing opportunities.

Now, let us learn more about you! Please give us a call at (800) 532-2333.