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West Coast Art and Frame Expo 2019

WCAF-Las Vegas

The annual West Coast Art & Frame Expo in Las Vegas is coming up, and we would love to see you! Please stop by Booth 1031 to chat and view our latest releases.

The show runs Monday, January 28th through Wednesday, January 30th 2019 at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino.

Contact your salesperson today about scheduling a time to stop by and visit.

Visit the WCAF Expo site for more information.

West Coast Art and Frame Expo

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Spotlight :: Alternative Substrates


After you’ve found the perfect image, match it to the perfect substrate. Besides our standard paper, cotton rag and canvas substrates, we offer three alternative substrates: acrylic, bamboo and metal.

Acrylic: Our transparent acrylic substrate gives every image a fresh, modern, contemporary appearance. Your clients will love the clean, polished edges, and how their chosen artwork will literally “stand out” on the walls.

Metal: Artwork printed on metal seem to compel the viewer to take a deeper look. It’s astounding how metal can give images a new, vibrant dimension – especially abstracts and painted landscapes. A layer of quality brushed aluminum is bonded to a non-warping substrate, and the image can either be printed directly onto the metal or first printed on a white backing.

Wood: Composed of sustainably grown and harvested bamboo, our wood substrate is naturally moisture- and mold-resistant. The natural blond surface of wood both “warms” the look of every image, while it unexpectedly showcases their colors in new and inviting ways.

Contact your account representative today about our alternative substrate options.

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SPOTLIGHT :: Animal Life

D997D - Davies Babies - Banyon Deer

Animals that act like humans or animals that act like animals…which one should we choose? DD McInnes brings us a fox who writes thoughtful compositions with Michael Drayton Writing Poly-Olbion. Or how about animals in a surreal world? Davies Babies offers the geometrical and astronomical Banyon Deer (see image above). Or how about animals doing what animals do? Kitty Throne from Lucia Heffernan might give too much information.

Contact your account representative today about our entire collection of Animal art and all of our new releases.

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Spotlight :: Water

Leonardo da Vinci said that water is the driving force of all nature. When we browse our collection of art the images of water in so many forms stand out. Water is life and images of water in one’s home or office calms us down and takes us away for a brief moment. Meeting Point from The Incado Collection reveals the power of nature as water crashes against cliffs. And from the opposite end of the spectrum we have The Pier from Vladimir Kostka where the sea is silent and calm. Sarah Parson’s take on water is abstracted and ethereal in Water Garden – where the translucent quality of water uncovers subtle hints of life.

Contact your salesperson today about our entire collection of Coastal images and all of our new releases.

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Spotlight: Along the Coast

There’s something about the coast that slows everything down; the smell of the ocean and a walk on the beach heals the soul. Recently signed artist Angela Saxon takes a minimalist approach to Sleeping Bear Point where sand and sea meet quietly and all is perfect in our world. Vahe Yeremyan offers a more traditional view but the same quiet sensibility with Ocean Side – Pacific Highway – gentle waves, sand and soft clouds – a trifecta of calm.

Contact your salesperson today about our entire collection of Coastal images all of our new releases.


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Spotlight: Art of Today

Art of Today: Simple, straight-forward and the truest definition of contemporary art. Contemporary art provides an opportunity to reflect on contemporary society and the world around us. For Image Conscious contemporary art can be represented by this modern and decorative agate image Geode Art by Nancy Knight in deep indigo and sky blue. Michael Buxton delivers a different take altogether in clever cat story It’s What’s Inside that Counts.

Now available for download: Our latest New Release PDFs.

Contact your salesperson today about our entire collection of Contemporary images and all of our new releases.