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Update :: New Release 2019-5

B3763D - Blaustein, Alan - River View - Notre Dame

We have another huge selection of artwork going up on our web site!

We’re thrilled to include five images of Notre Dame by Alan Blaustein. And that’s just a start on this release packed with great images in all categories.

Artists in this new release include Alan Blaustein, Karen Hale, Angela Saxon, Jane Schmidt, Martha Wakefield, Beth A. Forst, Annie Bailey Art, John Baran, Jan Bell, Chuck Burdick, Edward M. Fielding, Randall J. Hodges, Tracie Louise, Tim Oldford, Brooke T. Ryan, Shawn/Corinne Severn, Lars Van de Goor, Karen Hollingsworth, Sheila Golden, Pamela K. Beer, Suan Cordes, Downs, Louis Duncan-He, Suzanne McCourt, Michelle Oppenheimer, Anne Theriault, Jan Weiss, Stephanie Aguilar, Krista McCurdy, Schuyler Rideout, Ronald West, Alphonse Mucha, Paul Chabas, Pierre-August Cot, Edmund Blair Leighton, Gustave Moreau, Edgar Degas, Henri Rousseau, Vincent Van Gogh, Ohara Koson, Lucia Heffernan, Even Marks, Melissa Symons, Lucia Stewart, and Unknown.

Find all of the New Release 2019-5 artworks on our web site:
Image Conscious New Release 2019-5 Art

View or download* the new PDF catalog here:
Image Conscious New Release 2019-5 PDF

You can always find all of the available marketing materials on our Marketing PDFs page:
Marketing PDFs

* Click to view the open the PDF; right-click (Macintosh: control-click) on the link to download the file.

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Creating an Account and Using Collections

Create a New Account

From the homepage, click the “Log In!” button:

Under “Register”, enter your email address and then create a password. Your password needs to be at least 9 characters long and contain at least one number (0123456789) and one special character (like !@#$%^&”?):

Click the “Register” button and you’ll be taken to the “My Account” page. With your new account, you can log in from any computer or mobile device to view and edit your collections.

Create Your First Collection

From the menu bar at the top of the page, click “Collections.”

When you’re on the “Collections” page, click the “Create a New Collection” button:

On the next page, you can name your collection and add a description. By adding your name and email address (optional), you can collaborate on your new collection with your account representative. When finished, click the “Create Collection” button.

You’ve created your first collection!

Add Images to Your Collection

When viewing images throughout the website, look for the “Add to collection” plus signs:

When you click on “Add to collection,” you’ll see a list of your previously created collections, or you can click the button to create a new collection:

Add the image to a collection by clicking the collection name. You won’t be taken away from the page that you’re already on, so you can continue to add items without having to navigate back.

Manage Your Collection

From the menu bar, click “Collections.”

Beneath each collection name, you’ll see options to “Delete” or “Preview” your collection, or “Share with Friends” by email, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. (Sharing options don’t appear if your collection is empty):

To manage a collection, click the collection name, or click “Manage this Collection.”

Near the top of the “Manage Collections” page you’ll see the URL address for your collection, which you can copy and send to your co-workers or clients. With this address, they’ll be able to view your collection, but not make changes to it:

Beneath the “Sharing” options, you’ll see the “Download” options. Select “CSV Data File” to download a comma-delimited spreadsheet file containing the related data for your collection, like artists, titles, and more. Select “Images” to download a zipped folder containing jpegs of your entire collection:

Choose “Settings” to rename your collection, change its description, or change its sharing options by adding or removing your name and email address.

To make changes to the images in your collection, click the checkbox next to every image you would like to affect, then use the “Actions”pulldown menu to remove the images from the collection, move them to another collection, or create a new collection containing the selected images. Click “Apply Action” to complete your changes:

You can also delete an image from your collection by clicking its red “Delete” button:

That’s It!

For more help with using our website, please contact your account representative or give us a call at (800) 532-2333.

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Invite Curious Conversation

Adios Amigos

With energetic color choices and darkly romantic figures Nicholas Ivins uses bold hues of Mexican culture to create art that offers curious conversation. Luna delights and beguiles and Muerta Bride is an alternative view of a traditional event. The spirited renderings by Jorge R. Gutierrez turn classic Hispanic imagery into stories like The Holy Trinity and Magic Japanese Cockfighting.

What can we do for you? What kind of imagery are you looking for? Please reach out to us if there is something specific in subject or style that you’re looking for and be sure to visit our Licensing page for a list of artists who participate in our Licensing program. We have more images available than you see on our site so please ask.


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Featured Artist :: Karen Hale

“Using the basic art elements of color, design and texture I create a vibrant and opulent canvas which both pleases and stimulates the art lover.  The absence of recognizable objective forms leads you on your own journey of discovery in each of my abstract paintings.” Karen Hale’s original contemporary artwork has been called dynamic, bold, explosive and exciting but they also involve subtle nuances of color and meaning that takes the viewer into the painting where they can make new and unexpected insights.

Hale constructs her paintings with layers of thick and thin color that is washed or glazed over textured surfaces using brushes, trowels, and found objects.  She uses acrylic paints and mediums and may add a variety of paper, chalk pastels, graphite and metallic leafing.  The results are a delight of color and texture.

Karen lives on five acres in the foothills of California with her husband, Tom.  She is an avid gardener and her land is filled with paths, sculptures, and exuberant flower beds.  Her sense of color and design are evident even in her gardens that like her paintings feel free and spontaneous but exude design and beauty.

Segments infuses jeweled tones and multiple layers – sharing hints of magenta and citron. Using subtle geometric shapes, Karen turns At The Source into magic with softer tones of blues, greens and organic earthly tones.

View all by Karen Hale

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Welcome to the New Image Conscious Web Site!

Welcome to our new and improved web site!

Every web site needs to change and evolve, and ours just has. Our web site and product offerings are on now on a more solid platform, with room to grow. We’ve added new features and will be adding more in the months to come.

One new feature: Collections.  You can now save, organize, and share images. Just click “Add to Collection” as you browse.

Group images however you want: by favorites, shopping lists, project or location, whatever works for you. Then share your picks through email, or by social media.  To help with your own marketing projects, you can download a comma-delimited spreadsheet file containing the related data, and even save a zipped folder of the matching image files to your computer.

To get started, please register or login to Collections.

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Spotlight :: Along the Coast

There’s something about the coast that slows everything down; the smell of the ocean and a walk on the beach heals the soul. Recently signed artist Angela Saxon takes a minimalist approach to Sleeping Bear Point where sand and sea meet quietly and all is perfect in our world. Vahe Yeremyan offers a more traditional view but the same quiet sensibility with Ocean Side – Pacific Highway – gentle waves, sand and soft clouds – a trifecta of calm.

Contact your salesperson today about our entire collection of Coastal images all of our new releases.


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Featured Artist :: Tim Oldford

Canadian native Timothy Oldford was born on a farm in the Canadian Prairies. His mother was a landscape artist, so his childhood consisted of being dragged to every gallery across Canada at a very young age. His father taught Tim the basics of photography on his WWII camera and Tim immediately took to the magic that the camera possessed.

At fifteen Tim moved to Victoria and fell in love with the beauty of the coast. After school he got into photography more seriously and had some success with weddings and nature pictures being published in newspapers and books. When his kids came along Tim put his camera down (as a professional) for about fifteen years and only picked it up again after they graduated school. Today Tim concentrates on Canadian landscapes, US National Parks and images across Vancouver and Victoria.

As we begin a new year Crescent Lake Chair from Tim Oldford looks to the future and a gorgeous sunrise and Fairy Lake Bonsai embodies reflection and mystery.

View all by Tim Oldford

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Featured Artist :: Paul Bailey

B2677D - Bailey, Paul - Suffolk Scots

With a studio in Wales, Paul Bailey is continually inspired by the farming landscape which surrounds his home: low rolling hills; intermittent woodland; ancient hedgerows; patch-work fields and vast skies. The semi-abstract nature of his work, the use of non-traditional techniques, bold compositions and a dynamic use of color help portray this seemingly prosaic landscape in a new, vivid and surprising way.

Our collection of Paul Bailey print-on-demand giclees includes Barcode Wood, a row of trees in the deep forest, and Seven Trees, a minimalist landscape with a row of golden trees.