Weiss, Jan

Jan Weiss is a native California artist working in a variety of mediums from acrylic on wood panel and canvas to digital renderings and typography.

“My earliest memory of knowing I wanted to make art was after I received a set of high quality felt tip markers as a Christmas gift. The back of the package had a painting by Monet – who I was not familiar with at the time – and after seeing the image I thought that someone rendered that painting with markers. Which led me to believe if someone else did that then I could too. What ambition for an eight year old!”

Jan’s work ranges from abstract landscapes, to modern design, typography and a clear activist influence in some of her work appealing to feminists and outspoken progressives everywhere.

The artist believes in the democracy of art; that art belongs to everyone and create works that fall into a variety of prices making it available to a range of budgets and buyers.

“My art is an adventure. I am constantly trying out new styles and techniques but when I look at my collection I see a similar palette or unique signature that defines my individual nature. I continue to grow and learn and discover through my art”.

Jan received her BA in Fine Arts from Cal State East Bay and shows in galleries in the Bay Area.

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Showing 1–25 of 242 results