Varona, Verne

Verne Varona held his first camera at 9-years old and never lost his passion for capturing exceptional images that provoke, inspire and illustrate a profound sensitivity to the visual world around him.

With basic formal instruction in photography, Verne’s real school of photography has come from the personal experience of over 25 years in still film and 12 years with digital.

He made the digital jump in 2006—and never looked back. Working with commercial, journalistic, fine art, book cover and portrait mediums throughout the world, Verne has developed a creative body of images that he calls, “Aqua-Impressionism” — colorful images of unique water reflections from nature, architecture and people that evoke a timeless sense of the ethereal.

His compelling in-camera blur work with landscapes and floral images prompted one European art critic to write a flattering four-word review: “Monet—with a camera!”

Verne’s instinctive capture of decisive moments, from human interaction to painterly compositions and colorful abstracts, effortlessly lure you into his frame with a resonance that sustains. His photography of hidden images within the natural elements of rock, cloud and landscape (also known as “pareidolia”) unleash an intriguing and amusing blend of revelation.

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Showing all 21 results