Tweedie, Emma

Emma Tweedie is an emerging artist who originally grew up in Northern Ireland. She now has an established London studio, working primarily in mixed media and with a sustainable focus using water based and non-toxic ingredients where possible.

As a visual artist, Emma has become known for her instinctive use of colour, which often captures the otherworldly nature of landscapes.

Having grown up during the 1970’s amidst challenging times, it was nature that would provide a much-needed haven. This positive effect has resulted in an artist with a unique sensibility able to find beauty within even the most challenging locations.

Communicating peacefulness through her work, Emma’s landscapes are created using multiple layers of textiles, papers, and paint, which almost dissolve into themselves. From a distance landscapes are just that, but on closer inspection viewers can often discover hidden stories concealed deep within. This results in a fine balance between representational depictions, imaginative alongside subtle esoteric cultural and historical references

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