Theodore, James

Jim earned a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1981 where he majored in Illustration with a minor in advertising. After college he found immediate success as a studio illustrator in Cleveland, Ohio, and began working as a freelance in 1985. In his career he has worked with most Fortune 500 companies to create advertising images for TV commercials and print ads. He has also illustrated books, created toy packaging art, and worked to design a logo for an NBA team .

Jim was inspired by design, architecture and art from his childhood in the 1960’s. Its this inspiration that he draws from as he seeks to capture the style and feel of that era. His work is inspired by such artists as Paul Klee, Franz Kline, Alexander Calder, and Joan Miro.

While not creating art, Jim enjoys collecting cars, woodworking and renovating his mid century ranch. He still lives in the Cleveland area with his with wife, who is a pottery artist, and their 2 lively chihuahuas.

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