Saxon, Angela

As a perceptual painter, Angela Saxon translates her observations of nature into a personal dialect of color, shape, line and light. “The visual language of landscape is one that we most fundamentally share. Sky, trees, water: these are some of the most basic visual concepts that structure our perception of reality. But for all the commonality in these concrete objects, for each of us the experience of seeing is slightly different, being inevitably inflected by the perception of the observer.”

Beginning on location, Angela’s process moves from the generation of small plein air paintings or drawings to larger studio work. The multiple steps of interpretation allow her to both capture the immediacy of her ever-shifting nature settings, and to meditate deeply and constructively on her pieces in the more formal and removed space of the studio.

While her painting is direct and confident, she also takes risks regularly and remains open to happy accident and creative chance: the way that a brush full of paint feels its way around the arc of a shoreline, inadvertently dragging bright green through pale blue; Angela’s work is in a constant state of evolution.

Angela Saxon lives and works in northern Michigan— surrounded by the spectacular Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. She received a BFA in painting from Indiana University. Recent painting residencies have included Italy, Yucatan Peninsula, and Palm Springs, California.

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Showing all 11 results