Romanello, Diane

Diane Romanello, born in New York City, is a self-taught artist whose scenic paintings are characterized by a sense of beauty and romance, inviting the viewer into a serene natural world. Whether depicting pastel flower gardens lining a promenade, brick lanes leading to lake fronts, or boardwalks which entice a walk on the beach, her images suggest the memory of a treasured place.

Romanello’s paintings blend luxurious, soothing color with sumptuous texture, her brushstrokes evident in every image. Her luminous beach scenes, landscapes, gardens and country retreats merge elements of fantasy with realism, accomplished by the artist’s keen sense of light, texture and composition. She savors the intensity of color and calming energy inherent in nature.

Romanello generously supports charitable organizations through her artwork. She contributed an original oil to United Way of Long Island to augment fundraising efforts, as well as donating “Idle Hour” to The McGaw Foundation, a non-profit arts industry endeavor for AIDS prevention, care and cure. Sales of the poster from “Idle Hour” directly benefit charities committed to supporting people living with AIDS.

Diane Romanello reaches a mythical place in her viewers. She strives to capture the place and a moment that transports her audience to an inner sanctuary. Few of us have lives that are rich with these moments. Diane Romanello offers them to us in her paintings.

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