Murphy, Michael

Artists’ Statement: Forgotten Modernism
“‘Forgotten Modernism’ is the title of an ongoing visual exploration of San Francisco’s rich catalog of modern architecture.

“Often overlooked, Modern architecture in San Francisco has played an important role in the ongoing Modernist Movement, and this work is an attempt to acknowledge the contribution that these stunning buildings make to the visual landscape.

“Using bold colors and a stylized graphics, I portray this architecture not as something that quietly blends into a background, but rather elevating achievements that embody the best and highest principles that Modern architecture has to offer all of us.”

About the Artist
“I am an architect and artist originally from San Francisco, and practiced architecture here for approximately six years before moving to Europe for ten years. The experience of living abroad was instrumental in the formation of my current aesthetic tastes as well as the profound re-appreciation of San Francisco’s architecture upon my return in 2008.”

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