Maldonado, Jacqueline

Jacqueline Maldonado is a New York native, currently residing in Long Island. She spent most of her adult career in various facets of the fashion industry, all the while nurturing her artistic talent through higher education in visual art and developing a discipline in her artistic practice.

In 2012, Jacqueline took a leap of faith to pursue her art as a full-time endeavor. She works in a variety of media and explores many styles and modes of artistic expression but is best known for her work in watercolor and surface pattern.

Her abstracts in watercolor can be understood as emotional landscapes expressed as color and movement, communicating the essence of an experience; music, a memory, loss, joy, uncertainty, defeat, triumph, love and longing. She is also drawn to pattern, finding inspiration in the repetition of forms and forces of nature and the world around her. 

“I aim to create imaginative work. Work that is poetic. Work that is soulful and luminous with color.” – Jacqueline 

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Showing 1–25 of 32 results