Louise, Tracie

Born in Melbourne, Australia, I have always had a creative streak. Planning on studying the art of photography post High School, however a lack of self confidence saw me postponing my dream career until much later in life.

My Birds of Australia and Rural Queensland images have been used by Microsoft as backgrounds and screensavers for a number of years. After moving back to Victoria (my home state), I began my thriving real estate photography business, however my heart always belonged to mother nature and capturing her ever changing beauty.

Completely self taught having never attended so much as a workshop, my love for wildlife, and landscape photography has blossomed into more than just a passion, it’s now my way of life. Semi-retired and travelling Australia with the view to capturing this very special country in my own unique way.

Bold colour and great composition are my signature style. And having never been formally taught, I’m not afraid to break the rules in order to create visually pleasing results.

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Showing all 12 results