Koury, Aleah

Aleah Koury has had a long and successful relationship with Image Conscious, always innovating over a wide range of subjects and styles. In his latest series, Aleah focuses on rendering new shapes and new textures, applying muted tones with pops of color such as red, yellow and teal. The occasional geometric shape will appear providing balance and composition and offsetting circular undefined movement. With these ten new introductions, viewers are taken on a visual journey to a deconstructed destination juxtaposed with natural elements. Each piece carries with it a narrative that will bring attention and focus into any space, both residential and commercial.

Born in Bellingham, Washington and raised in Independence, Missouri. Aleah started his studies as a biology major at the University of Missouri, and needed a fine arts class to fulfill a requirement to complete his degree, so he chose a painting class. When the class was completed, Koury asked his professor if she believed he had the talent to make it as an artist if he were to change his major. Despite her negative response, he changed his major to ceramics, utilizing his scientific training to work within a creative three-dimensional medium. After graduating with a BA in Ceramics he went on to receive an MFA in Printmaking from the University of Southern Illinois.

Since 1978, Koury has been showing in galleries and exhibitions nationwide.

“The most important element of my work is choice of subject matter,” says Koury, “I am currently focused on drawing on scenes in nature. Recapturing the natural drama I’ve experienced and translating that emotion into a personal statement is my artistic objective. By ‘recapturing’ I mean creatively interpreting formal elements of landscape. This I achieve with color, its placement, color combinations and appositions which together create the dramatic/emotional impact between myself, the artist and my surroundings.”

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Showing 1–25 of 44 results