Iracki, Liz

Creating art is my proven personal conduit to a mindful state. When I pick up my materials and begin to blend pigments, layer washes, sketch shapes, and form compositions; I am solely focused. I am grateful for this gateway and the rejuvenation it gives me every time I surrender to it.
I complete my pieces over the course of several sessions, letting the hours pass and feeling the dance, intuiting when there is more mark-making to do and when it is time to stop. The process gradually draws out semi-recognizable contours and shapes. I believe that these are the shadows and lights of people I have met, landscapes I have explored, and a fusion of my dreams and recollections. They emerge on the surface, and I delight to be acquainted with them.
I invite my viewers to interpret the works using their unique and personal perspectives.
Liz Iracki is a Los Angeles based artist

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