Douglas, Lynne

Lynne Douglas is a professional Scottish landscape photographer living on the Isle of Skye in the far north of Scotland. If you have seen the BFG, Outlander, Macbeth or Highlander you will have some idea of the wild, untamed landscape she lives in and the myths and legends that make it such a romantic place. The photographer is surrounded by romantic cottages, dramatic Scottish mountains, Scottish highland cows, sheep, lambs, deer and lots of baby animals in Spring.

Ms. Douglas likes to experiment with her photography and works very instinctively using her camera the way painters use their paintbrush. She produces contemporary art ranging from traditional Scottish landscapes to dramatic abstracts and minimalist black and white prints.

Lynne’s photography prints and canvases are in private collections all over the world and she has exhibited in galleries in New York and across the UK and Scotland. Lynne has been feature regularly in magazines and trains and mentors other artists. At home Lynne has a happy family of four dogs and five chickens who are great company and the subject of some children’s books she is writing.

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