Dennis, Patrick

Patrick Dennis has lived in California, Oregon, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, and Washington D.C. In his life he has been a musician, restaurateur, teacher, museum specialist, gallerist, lobbyist and founder of thirteen art festivals. The common thread throughout these various careers and locales is his love of painting for the last 30 years. He enjoys the seclusion and intuitive process of painting and challenging his own perception and skills.

Living in Cambria, on California’s Central Coast, provides bountiful inspiration but it’s the reflections on our precarious relationship with nature that prompts Patrick to explore ways to render the evolution.

“It’s not only about rendering the elements of sky, earth and water in variation. It’s about capturing the memory fragment salvaged from the experience.”

It is important for Patrick to create an engaging, yet tranquil painting that conveys an impression of the struggle between nature and our encroaching urbanization. Hard edges and texture are contrasted with soft hues and ambiguous compositions. The excavation process uncovers and exposes elements from the original composition resulting in a finished product that represents a suggestion of the original intent. Memories, after all become obscured, losing sharpness over time; thus the impressionistic results.

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Showing 1–25 of 77 results