Coghlan, Emma

Emma Coghlan is a professional painter and mixed media artist specialising in oil and acrylic abstract art. Originally from the UK, she is now based in the magnificent city of Barcelona where she has her studio. Her style of painting is characterised by the use of thick layers of paint and a palette knife to make her paintings come alive.

Emma found her inspiration in nature from growing up around the wild flowers and picturesque waters of the English Lake District. Today her work reflects this love, bringing flowers, the ocean and nature to the canvas.

Emma received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Visual Communications from Leeds College of Art where she specialised in delivering artistic workshops within the community.

The last 7 years she has been primarily teaching English as a foreign language and more recently teaching Art to early years. 2022 and beyond will now see Emma devote all of her time developing the various art forms.

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