Binkin, Lesia

Lesia Binkin is an artist working from her studio in the beautiful Judaean hills. As an artist, she is obsessed with abstract forms, minimalism, clean and fresh colors. She paints trying to catch moments, feelings and emotions. Lesia loves to try new mediums and experiments with all their types, mixing watercolor, acrylic, gouache, water-soluble pencils, ink and many others.

She is a professional textile designer that has been working in the fashion field for the last ten years until had decided to start her way as a fine art artist.

Lesia’s source of inspiration is Japanese art with its light, clean and elegant style.

Lesia lives in Modiin, young and beautiful town not far from Jerusalem with her family and four pets. She enjoys painting new pieces every day working in her small and cozy studio surrounded by hills and olive trees.

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