Baran, John

John Baran is an artist and photographer from Santa Barbara, California. His art can be found in stores and galleries in California, Texas, Hawaii, Grand Cayman and Brussels, Belgium.
An avid and accomplished photographer, John travels the world photographing his subject matter. His experiences with the animals in their natural environment is an integral part of the painting process. Photographing, sketching and spending time with these animals and watching their behavior helps John create works of art that are vibrant and full of life. He has swam with sharks, giant manta rays, manatees and dolphins. He has also come within feet of white rhinos, cape buffalo, leopards, lions, American alligators and African elephants, to name a few. All of these experiences have resulted in works that are a colorful fusion of abstract art and animals from the land, sky and sea. Playful yet sophisticated, his art is versatile enough to hang in a living room or a child’s nursery.

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