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Update :: New Release 2019-2

R1209D - Ryan, Brooke T. - Lifeguard Chair at Dawn

February can be a tough month anywhere. Here in comparatively mild Northern California it’s rain, rain, and more rain. Could be worse! Everybody’s hanging on for Spring.

Artists in this new release include Leonid Afremov, Dominique Appia, Tammy Apple, Pamela K. Beer, Alan Blaustein, Chuck Burdick, Michael Buxton, Alana Clumeck, Kym De Los Reyes, Edgar Degas, Patrick Dennis, Katie Doucette, Louis Duncan-He, Megan Galante, Ali Gulec, David Hammond, Lucia Heffernan, Chris Miles, Igor Nekraha, Mario Nevado, Jennifer Pugh, Brooke T. Ryan, Elisa Sheehan, Ralph Steadman, Unknown, and John William Waterhouse.

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