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New Release 2018-11

D1953D - Douglas, Lynne - Singing Hills

Wait, what? Another new release for October? Yes! We rushed out lots more great items to help boost your holiday sales.

Artists included in this new release:
Michael A. Diliberto, Jan Weiss, Andrew Kinmont, Craig Trewin Penny, Vahe Yeremyan, Lynne Douglas, Sonja Quintero, Alana Clumeck, Naomi Taitze Duffy, Ingeborg Herckenrath, Iris Lehnhardt, Ann Thompson Nemcosky, Jan Weiss, Sean Salvadori, Laurie Cooper, Jennifer Davis, Lucia Heffernan, Daniela Nocito, Eric Sweet, Judy Verhoeven, Diane Romanello, Jennifer Pugh, and Kathryn Wronski.

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Image Conscious New Release 2018-11 Art

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